Travel Nurse Aim's Advice

I received the following e-mail from the husband of prospective travel nurse:

"HI Aim,

I enjoyed reading your blog. I stumbled across it because my wife is a nurse and she is thinking about traveling, so I was poking around the internet looking for info on it. I'm wondering what to do with myself as she is working. We both love traveling and adventure, and I have many skills, but my question to you is, does your family travel with you? Does your husband work? I'm just trying to "feel" out this lifestyle. Any of your insight would be very much appreciated!


[Name Redacted] "

My Advice
Dear Reader,

First, let me thank you for reading my blog and hope you find the information and stories interesting. Second, yes my family travels with me. My husband has a job where most of his work is done over the internet and he does not have to go into an office every day. You might be surprised at how many of those types of jobs are available. He is a corporate attorney who spends much of his time reviewing contracts, drafting legal opinions and doing other lawyer stuff that doesn't require face to face contact with clients. He is also a small business owner and entrepreneur.


Travel Nurse Aim