The Busiest Summer Ever!!!

This has absolutely been the busiest summer our family has ever had. It started in March (Spring Break - not technically summer) with a week long trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Then five days at St. George Island Beach, Florida. Then I (as camp nurse), Stephen and Jacob spent a week at Camp Rockmont in Black Mountain, North Carolina (hometown of Brad Johnson). That same week Caroline, Katherine and I went to Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia with Jason, Traci and family. Then we drove out to Utah on a three week trip. We went up through St. Louis, hit I-70 through Independence, Missouri, across Kansas, into Colorado and finally into Utah.

When we got to Utah our first stop was Moab, then up to the Provo/Orem area. We took roughly the same route back. We have now been home a grand total of 8 days and Traci and Jason have taken our boys scalloping this weekend. I have never looked forward to school starting so much in my life. I love my kids, but 6 and a half days in a mini van can test any mom's sanity.

The boys decided to go hiking in Pigeon Forge. They saw some old rusted out cars across the river from where we were staying. It appears that years ago the cars ran off the canyon road that runs higher up on the mountain and crashed into the valley below. The boys said they saw the skeleton of a body in one of the cars. I didn't believe them, but was too lazy to go check for myself. I'll let Robby take a look the next time they go to Tennessee with us.

Try not to get wet Caroline.

My son Stephen and I, along with a bunch of the nerds from his school went on a trip to St. Augustine, Florida as part of the EXPLO ("Gifted") program. I find myself constantly reminding Stephen to NEVER, EVER put academics above sports. For those of you who don't know him very well, Stephen received the Presidential Physical Fitness Award and about a dozen other athletic awards at the end of school year awards ceremony.