Housing Stipend: Buy an RV and Retire Early

One of my nursing assignments was at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. While there I met a travel nurse from New Jersey who's biggest goal was to retire by the time she was 40. She determined to begin by ridding herself of student loan and credit card debt and to pay off her vehicle. No easy task; especially considering her vehicle was a $90,000 RV.

One night after getting off work we rode out to a well lit staff parking lot where she showed me her RV. The hospital allowed her to park in their staff parking lot and use all their hook-ups for free. She told me her travel nursing agency had offered to either pay for her to live in an upscale apartment or receive a generous housing stipend of $1,000 per month. She chose the stipend and used it to purchase the RV.

Her RV was beautiful and, more importantly, nearly paid off. She liked being able to travel to her different assignments without having to pack up her things to move. No boxes, moving vans or damaged furniture.

Most of the travel nursing agencies I have used will pay a housing stipend like the one my friend received.