Travel Nurse Aim Gets Her Teeth Pulled

It isn't easy for a nurse to be a patient. At least not this nurse.  Just ask my husband who has tried to take care of me the past few days after having my four Wisdom teeth pulled. Of course, he hasn't exactly helped his cause.  He told me I now look like a chipmunk. I do, but he doesn't have to say it.  He told me my "Wisdom" teeth weren't working anyway so why not have them taken out.  That may have been funny at one time, but not right now. 
Me Several Days After the Surgery

In response to his "jokes," I have retaliated by getting him up at all hours of the night the past few nights. He gets my medicine, mixes and warms salt water for swishing, wraps ice packs in handkerchiefs (the ice packs are just too cold on my face), and runs various other odd jobs for me.

Brian Regan Comedy
While I was being prepped for surgery my husband reminded me of the Brian Regan comedy routine "Say Eight" where Brian goes to the ER with some kind of stomach pain or something.  When the nurse asks him to rank his pain from 1 to 10 the first thing that came to his mind was what he had heard about giving birth being the most painful thing anyone could experience.  He figured that the number 10 must be reserved for giving birth.  He then remembers that a broken femur was also at the top of the list for pain so he figured a broken femur must be a 9.  He also thought that if he didn't give the nurse a high enough number she would give him some Tylenol and tell him to get out of the ER.  He figured he would go with the number 8.

He said the drugs they gave him for saying "8" made him feel so good he walked out of the ER yelling "Say Eight" to everyone.

I told the nurse I was an 8. 

I hope the pain ends soon.