Travel Nurse: Assignment in Tallahassee

It's been a long and relaxing break between assignments. I took a break for a month during the holidays to visit family in North Florida and South Georgia. The holidays were crazy. My oldest son, Stephen, found a "mud snake" and couldn't resist picking it up. I have included one of the pictures he made me take of him holding the snake.
We enjoyed our visit so much we've decided to take a travel nurse assignment in Tallahassee, Florida for the next few months. My husband is a big Florida State fan but I doubt we will be here long enough for the next football season to start.

I will be working at one of the two main hospitals in Tallahassee. The winter weather here is relatively mild compared to some of my other travel nurse assignments. The temperature has been in the 60's for the last few weeks (including Christmas Day) which is something I can certainly get used to.

We found a home in a suburb of Tallahassee to stay in while I complete my assignment. I am still working out the
housing stipend details with my travel nurse agency.

I start work next week. Wish me luck.