Travel Nurse: Assignment in St. Augustine, FL

Last year I worked as a travel nurse in St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine is generally recognized as the oldest city in the United States and is full of history. Downtown St. Augustine has old cobble stone streets lined with beautiful European style cathedrals. I took a picture of this cathedral during one of our family Sunday afternoon strolls. There are at least a dozen more similar cathedrals.

There is also a street near the cathedrals called "St. George Street" with a bunch of olde world Spanish styled specialty shops. At the end of St. George Street is an old schoolhouse with a sign reading "The Oldest Wood School House In The U.S.A. St. Augustine Florida." I told my two sons that if they didn't start doing better in school we are going to start sending them to that school house.

My travel nurse assignment in St. Augustine was easily one of the most interesting I have taken. As far as the work itself, most of my patients were elderly, retired people who were either extremely pleasant or extremely cantankerous. The work facilities were modern and the computer systems were state of the art. There is not a lot of traffic in St. Augustine which makes traveling to and from the hospital easy.

I would recommend St. Augustine to any travel nurse who likes visiting historical sites. I would be remiss if I did not at least mention the Spanish Fort across the street from St. George street. Students from the nearby Flagler College walk to the fort and lay out in the sun on the open green spaces surrounding the fort. My sons also want me to mention that the fort has a cool moat that they believe once held sharks and alligators at the same time.