How I Select A Travel Nursing Assignment

This post is in response to a number of e-mails I have received this week asking me about how I select my travel nursing assignments.

Let me start by saying I am currently registered with more than a dozen travel nursing agencies although I have used only two or three of them during the last year or so. I keep my paperwork up to date with all of the agencies. This allows me to receive e-mails from all of the agencies detailing the available travel nursing assignments . I have previously posted one of the e-mails I received last summer with a listing of assignments on it here. That e-mail is typical of all of the agencies.

Select Your Location First
The first thing I do is select where I want to take an assignment. Being registered with so many travel nursing agencies increases the likelihood of finding an assignment in any location I choose. So far the only difficulty I have had in finding an assignment has been when I have wanted to work in smaller towns with smaller facilities. I have never had a problem finding assignments in cities with more than 30,000 people.

My husband and I have used a number of methods to choose a location. We have picked some locations after visiting them on vacation (Knoxville, TN), some because we just wanted to see what it would be like to live there (Bellingham, WA), some to be near relatives for the holidays (Jacksonville, FL) and some for the money (Orange County, CA). It has been my experience that anywhere you choose there will be at least one medical facility that hires travel nurses.

If you are not sure you will like the location you have chosen ask your agency for a shorter 3-4 week assignment. It is my understanding that some agencies will work with you on the length of the assignment. Most assignments I have taken have been 6 weeks or longer.

Select An Agency
You do not have to limit yourself to one agency. I have come up with several checklists I use when registering with an agency. The checklists deal with Contract Terms, Housing Stipends, Medical Facilities, Benefits and Insurance.

I hope this e-mail has answered the e-mails I have received this week.