Travel Nurse: Do Agencies Pay for Relocation?

A reader recently sent me an e-mail regarding whether travel nurse agencies will pay to relocate a nurse. I have received several similar e-mails in the past. As this may be a subject more of you are interested in, the following is the e-mail and my reply:

The E-Mail
"I have a question, if you'd be so kind. once you sign a contract with a agency, how do you get to the destination? does the agency pay for you to get to your assignment or do you? I live in texas, if I take an assignment in California, who pays for the travel out there?

My Response
[Reader], thanks for your e-mail. Some agencies will pay for the move or at least give you an alotment that you can spend towards the move. The amount depends upon the distance of the move. Some will even hire the moving company for you.

It has been my experience that if you do elect to have the agency move you they will lower your sign-on bonus or your monthly pay. I usually choose to move myself and keep the bonus and have a higher hourly pay rate.

I suspect there are quite a few other potential travel nurses who have the same question. I will probably post about it in the near future.

Amy Robbins, RN, BSN"

One of my purposes in writing this blog is to provide information to readers who are thinking about becoming travel nurses. When I first became a travel nurse the fear of the unknown was almost too much for me. I am, however, glad I took the plunge as it has allowed me to visit places and see things that I would not have otherwise been able to.

I have used several nursing agencies during my time as a travel nurse, but have intentionally omitted their names on this blog. Why? Because I have decided not to endorse any specific agency over another. Nor do I allow people to publish comments on my blog endorsing an agency.

This blog absolutely endorses travel nursing, but has refrained from endorsing any specific travel nursing agency.