Travel Nurse: Three Shots In One Day

Let me start with a quick Bon Jovi remake: "Shots in the arm and your to blame. Darlin' you give nurses a bad name." Okay, so most of you post 80's teenagers may not know who Jon Bon Jovi is but some of us still remember having his picture pinned to the inside of our locker doors.

So why the 80's music flashback? My travel nurse agency called yesterday to tell me that I needed to get updated tetanus, influenza and PPD (tuberculosis) shots before I can start my new assignment. What a bummer. Although I can administer shots with the best of them, I do not do quite as well when it is my time to be stuck.

My visit to the employee health clinic at the hospital this afternoon was no picnic. The nurse was rude and seemed to take pleasure in sticking me three times in the arm. On the bright side, after my hospital visit our family went to a local petting zoo in Tallahassee. The zoo is located beside a large marshy lake that reminds me of pictures of the Everglades I have seen. There were alligators, bears, panthers and a number of other animals the kids were allowed to pet.

My first shift in Tallahassee is scheduled for this weekend and I actually look forward to it.