Travel Nurse: A Trip To Silver Springs, Florida

The weather in Florida is certainly interesting. One day it can be 80 degrees outside and not a cloud in the sky. The next day it can be 40 degrees and raining. In fact, one day last week started out 70 degrees and raining and ended up 25 degrees and clear. I have learned that anytime I leave the house I need to bring an umbrella; cloudy or not. Right now it is clear and cold.

Recently we took a little time off for what my husband calls a "mini-vacation." We pulled our boys out of school for a couple of days and took a short 2 1/2 hour trip southeast of Tallahassee to Silver Springs, Florida. My husband and I decided some time ago that when we get a chance to give our kids a little "hands on" experience with life (i.e. nature, history, etc.) that pulling them out of school for a couple days is a small price to pay.

Take a look at what I mean by "hands on" experience. Reading it in a book is fine if that is the best you can do. But holding it in your hands can make a lifelong impression.

Silver Springs has several different glass bottom boat rides you can take the kids on. The water is so clear and the fish so big it is almost unbelievable. You can see the kids in this picture looking through the glass bottom of the boat at a school of fish. I think the tour guide called them Bluegills.
The tour guide said that a number of old Tarzan movies were filmed at the springs, as well as some James Bond and other movies.

Across the parking lot from Silver Springs is a water park. It was closed for the winter. The kids were a little disappointed about not going swimming so we found a hotel with one of those indoor heated pools and swam until we were all prunes.

What a fun "mini-vacation."