While the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play

I agreed to work the night shift Friday night leaving my husband, two sons and two daughters to fend for themselves. Not something I particularly enjoy doing, but the hospital was short staffed and I am a sucker for hard luck situations. So what did my family do while I was working all night? They went camping. At least the boys did.

Friday afternoon could not have been more perfect. Warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, but too cold for the gnats and mosquitos to make being outdoors unpleasant. While I was getting into the car to go to work, my husband was packing up the tent and sleeping bags to take the boys to a lake just south of Tallahassee with some friends. Can you say jealous? On my way out I told them to "have fun" but secretly hoped it would pour down raining on them. Just kidding boys. They did have fun.

Check out some of the pictures from their trip. Apparently someone brought one of those paddle boats with them. The boys are crashing into one of our friend's boats in this picture. They ended up soaked.

The only solace I have since I missed the camping trip is that we are planning a trip to St. George Island, Florida in the next few weeks. The island sits off the panhandle of Florida and is accessed by a long bridge. Fishing, laying out, swimming. It should be great. I love the beach. Yeah!!!