Travel Nurse: Checklist (Work Facility Follow-Up )

As I come to the conclusion of another travel nurse assignment I feel I need to write a follow up to my Work Facility Checklist. This follow up was prompted by a number of aggravating experiences I have had while working at my current facility. One such aggravating experience deals with the facility removing the cap on the number of patients facility nurses were required to tend.

Here is my revised checklist with questions you will want to ask about your travel nurse assignment before you sign with your travel nurse agency. You may also want to look at my travel nurse housing stipend checklist and my travel nurse salary, insurance and benefits checklist.

Questions for the agency:
1) Has the Agency previously provided travel nurses to the facility?
2) Has the Agency received any negative reports or feedback about the facility from travel nurses who have previously worked at the facility?
3) What is the nurse/patient ratio and is there a cap on the number of patients you will be required to handle? You will definitely want to have a cap included in your contract with the Agency. If the facility subsequently removes the cap you will at least have your Agency contract cap to fall back on.
4) If there is a conflict in your Agency contract and facility policies which takes precedent?
5) What type of scheduling is done (weekly, monthly, quarterly)?
6) Will I work in 4, 8, or 12 your shifts and am I required to work weekends and holidays?
7) What are the facility's orientation procedures?
8) Do I need any special licensing to work at the facility?
9) What type of charting system is used?
10)Will I be required to be "on call"?
11)Will I be able to or required to work overtime?
12)Who do I contact (the facility, my recruiter, my employer, other) if I have a problem or an important issue to discuss?
13)Is there an agency representative available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Most Travel Nurse Agency representatives I have worked with can answer these questions over the telephone, but you will want to make sure the answer you get is included in your contract. I have heard other travel nurses say "If it isn't in writing the conversation never happened."