Travel Nurse: Long Time No Blog

It has been awhile since my last serious post...and for good reason. Work has been hectic. You may recall me posting about the conflict between my travel nurse contract provision limiting the number of patients I am required to handle and my assignment hospital's new policy of an unlimited patient load. Since that post I have had several run-ins with hospital administration. Anyone who has had a similar run-in knows that you never really win. It is a constant battle. Every other shift the issue comes up and every other shift I am required to look like the bad nurse who doesn't care about the other nurses on the floor. All I can say is "I didn't sign on to be worked to death. I signed on for the fun of travel."

On a more pleasant note, our family took another mini-vacation. This time to Navarre Beach, Florida. You may recall that Navarre was wiped out by multiple hurricanes the year before Katrina hit Nawlins. Even though several years have passed there is still a lot of work left to do. The most popular beach in Navarre is on an island. You have to travel over a half mile long bridge to get to the island. On one side of the island the waves were about 2 to 3 feet high. Our boys had a great time swimming in the surf. My husband went to Wal-Mart and bought one of those blow up sleeping beds for the boys to play on. We have found that those beds are larger and much tougher than your average kids raft and cost the same in most cases.

We were in Navarre for three days. Each day we would spend half of the day on the side of the island with the waves and the other half on the side facing the Navarre coastline. On the Navarre coastline side the water is as flat as if it were in a lake. The girls are younger and enjoyed swimming without being turned upside down by waves. The flat side was also much clearer than the other side. We caught minnows with a net, hermit crabs and some tiny blue crabs. There were also black birds with long necks diving under the water. Every now and then we would see one of the birds come up with a fish in its mouth.

You could also see huge chunks of asphalt in the water. The asphalt had apparently been a part of a huge parking lot that is now sunk underwater due to the hurricane. I would insert pictures here, but we forgot the camera for this trip.

I will try to do a better job of posting and keep sending the e-mails.

Travel Nurse Aim