A Trip to the Mini Grand Canyon

Well. The summer came to an abrupt end this week. Overnight the temperature dropped 20 degrees, the wind blue in and the jackets came out of the closet. Those of you who live in the northern part of the country (or at least north of south Georgia) may say it's about time.

Gone are the four day getaways that come with having the kids out of school. Replaced by homework assignments, mad rushes out the door to get the kids to school on time and the oft used phrase around our house during the school year "Mom, I can't find my shoes." But with school back in session I also have a chance to accompany my kids on field trips as a parent/nurse. I am going on one such field trip with my oldest son (the one holding the aligator in the picture at the top of this page) to the "Little Grand Canyon" this week.

The Little Grand Canyon is a naturally created miniature replica of the real Grand Canyon. It's official name is Providence Canyon and it is located in Western Georgia.

I have been asked to accompany my son's class on their excursion because several of the students have medical conditions that require a nurse to be with them at all times. Although I hope my nursing skills are not required it is nice to be able to help out his class in this way. I will post some pictures of our trip when we get back.