Just An Observation

Pigeon Forge, TN
Fifteen years ago I interned in a mother/baby unit while I was in nursing school. Back then most of the mothers I attended were married (or at least had a significant other who wasn't a one night stand) and most of the mothers were adults. But things seem to have changed over the years. 

I am once again working in a mother/baby unit for the first time since nursing school. The hospital I work in has the same or similar demographics to the one I worked in in nursing school. But now married mothers seem to be the exception and not the rule. For that matter, mothers with a significant other who even shows up for a baby's birth are not as common as I would have thought. I am startled at the number of teenage girls having babies. Babies having babies.

Is this an irreversible trend? Does anyone besides me even think this trend should be reversed?