Travel Nursing: Stone Mountain Park Georgia

Oh how I love a good vacation!  Last weekend we went to Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, Georgia where the same guy who carved Mt. Rushmore also carved  a nine story high mural of three leaders of the Confederate states into a giant granite mountain.  The carving is located in the middle of a cliff that drops straight down.  My kids and I rode to the top of the mountain on a Swiss cable car.  It was awesome! My husband wouldn't go because he is terrified of heights.  He kept saying "I'll just stay here and watch you plummet to your deaths."  I think he was trying to convince us not to go up.  At least I hope so. Otherwise he is the meanest person on the planet.

You can see in the above picture how high the mountain is in relation to some fairly large trees.  There is a train track running through the trees in the picture that goes all the way around the base of the mountain.  We took a train ride around the  mountain and most of my kids fell asleep.

The picture was taken from an adjacent mountain that slopes gently until it meets up with a river that separates Stone Mountain from the mountain where we took this picture.  On Saturday evening people began pouring into the park and laying out blankets and chairs for the 45 minute lazer show they project over the carving.  The lazer show was the highlight of the trip for me.  It is actually more like a 3D movie than a lazer show.  They play patriotic songs and songs written by Georgia artists like Ray Charles, Amy Grant, Gladys Knight, Little Richard, Ludacris, and Travis Tritt.  At one point the lazers make it look like you can see into the mountain.  They show dinosaurs, lava and other cool stuff that might be hiding in the mountain.  They show the carved horses break out of their granite encasing and start to run.  They shoot off fireworks during the show and end the show with fireworks.  Really really neat.

A Potential Travel Nursing Assignment
Stone Mountain Georgia would be a nice place for a travel nursing assignment.  It is near Atlanta and clean with nice shopping and beautiful jogging and walking paths.  While we were there I thought to myself "What other profession guarantees you a solid job in the area and hospital of your choice, and an opportunity to take a vacation at the same time?"  We'll have to see.