Travel Nurse Aim Responds to Nursing Student Query

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I recently received an e-mail from a first year nursing student asking about becoming a travel nurse.  I thought other nursing students might have the same question so I asked her if I could post her e-mail for everyone to see.  She agreed.  The following is her e-mail and my answer:

Nursing Students E-mail
"Hi Amy,
I'm Japhia, currently a Year 1 nursing student. I'm really interested in knowing what a travelling nurse does! I'm going obtain a degree in 3 years' time, but what I would like to know is that did you have prior experience in the hospital before you become a travel nurse? Is it advisable to become a travel nurse straight out of school? Thank you for leaving your contact for people like me to ask you stuff :)

Best Wishes

Travel Nurse Aim's Response
Most travel nursing agencies require you to have several years of nursing experience before they will give you a traveling assignment.  They spend a lot of time developing relationships with their host hospitals and want to make sure the nurses they are placing can do the job they are assigned to. In most cases, travel nursing agencies prefer that you have some type of certification in an area of specialty.  I did not start travel nursing right out of school so I do not know whether excellent grades or something else might substitute for the desired certification.

I would suggest contacting a travel nursing agency and asking them whether they will take you right out of school.  If they won't, I would suggest contacting a hospital in the area where you would like to work once you graduate to see if they will pay for a portion of your schooling if you commit to work at their hospital for a certain number of years once you graduate.  This will give you a chance to become certified in an area of specialty and have at least a portion of your schooling paid for.  I make this suggestion based on my own experience. I graduated from nursing school owing nothing and then was paid a good starting hourly wage just for commiting to work for a hospital for three years.

Thanks for reading,

Travel Nurse Aim"