A Seizure A Day Will Keep the Nurses Away

Let me see you fake another seizure!
Some guys will do anything to get a woman to touch them.  Last night while on shift I noticed several nurses running into a patient's room.  Feeling my help might be needed I too ran into the room.  When I got there I saw the door to the patient's bathroom open and the patient lying naked on the floor of the tub having an apparent seizure.  The nurses had turned off the shower and were patting the patient down with towels to dry him off.
I started to ask what I could do to help when a male doctor walked in.  Sensing something wasn't quite right about the patient's "seizure," the doctor called out the patient's name and asked him what was going on.  The patient temporarily halted his seizure and turned and looked at the doctor.  He then went back to his "seizure," apparently hoping everyone had just missed his seizure "time out."  Too late.  The doctor had called his bluff.

All of the nurses, myself included, were in a state of shock.  Who fakes a seizure just to have a bunch of nurses touch your naked body?  One of my male co-workers says "It depends on the nurses."  One of the nurses responded "Next time you get to dry him off."

Crazy stuff.