Travel Nurse Aim Heads to the Rockies

After months of trying to decide which travel nursing assignment I would take, we have decided a trip to the Rocky Mountains is in order.  I am currently negotiating with a travel nursing agency to move my family to Park City, Utah for the summer.  I know most people go to Utah for the skiing, but we just like the weather and the hiking out there during the summer.

The Rockies won out over the Appalachians, Northern California, New York and even Hawaii.  We have family members in Utah which influenced all of the kids' votes.  If it were just me voting we would be heading to Hawaii.  More to come as our move draws nigh.

Also, my oldest son is a freshman in high school and is a cross country runner.  His fastest 5k is 17:01 for those of you who know what that means.  We have been told that training in a higher altitude is good for runners, so my son is really excited.  We'll see.

The following pictures were taken at the Footlocker South Regional Cross-Country Meet in Charlotte, North Carolina.