A Mistress A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I'm no Dr. Laura, but I can only guess what she would have to say about a male patient I had to take care of the other day. He had injured his back and right leg after falling off a latter at work.

His wife had slept on the pull out bed in his hospital room the night before my shift and was giving him a sponge bath when I first visited his room. Later she spoon fed him breakfast and lunch even though he was able to feed himself. After spending the entire day waiting on him I heard her say she needed to go home to fix dinner for the kids. I can only assume she meant THEIR kids. Although appearances can often be misleading, she seemed to really love her husband and when she left I thought to myself "what a wonderful relationship they have."

About thirty minutes after his wife left I overheard him on the phone telling someone "She left already. Come on up." As I walked out of his room ten minutes later I passed a skanky dressed woman walking in. On my next visit to the room the woman was sitting on the bed next to my patient with her hand in his lap. The man didn't even seem a little embarassed by the fact that I knew his little secret.

Maybe his wife knows about his mistress. Although I usually try not to make judment calls about my patients, it sure was hard to look at him the same way after finding out about the other woman.

As my shift came to an end the two asked me if I wanted to use some tickets they no longer needed to a show at the Civic Center that night. I took the tickets, but I still don't approve of their relationship.