Is the Whole Country Sick?

About three weeks ago my husband came down with what we thought was some type of flu/pneumonia hybrid. The local physicians gave it a technical name. They call it "The Crud." His head was clogged and he started one of those nasty sounding croupy coughs. His other symptoms were a little nausea, sore throat and an intermittent fever. A week after the symptoms started we thought he was getting better. After several days of moderate wellness, however, the coughing started back up and the bouts with fevers returned. This has been going on for nearly three weeks. He feels better for a few days and then sick again.

We went to church two weeks ago and almost 3/4 of the congregation was out sick with the same symptoms. I have spoken to friends and relatives of ours in Phoenix, Dallas, Provo, Utah and Orlando and they all know someone with the same symptoms. We were listening to one of the national radio talk shows and people were calling in talking about the same type of illness.

This has led me to ask: Is the whole country sick with this illness? Leave a comment and let me know if you have seen the same thing.